Case Study - GoWest

The GoWest Credit Union Association (GoWest) is a trade association representing more than 300 not-for-profit credit unions that serve over 16 million consumer members.


GoWest had a custom built membership management system that required custom programming and had limited reporting capabilities that required expensive developers to create and maintain.


  • Salesforce. Data Imagery setup a new instance of Salesforce to create a customized system to manage GoWest’s member data. We created a custom data schema for this project and wrote a detailed import script to extract data from various data sources and transform it into the Salesforce data model.
  • Staff Training. Several key staff were trained in the process of managing the Salesforce database schema so that they could quickly create new tables and fields as they needed. This same internal team was then trained on how to create custom reports and dashboards for their staff to quickly view graphs and key performance metrics on the fly.
  • Event Management. Data Imagery built a custom model within Salesforce to support GoWest’s events and annual convention. This functionality allows staff to create events, options, pricing and reports. Data Imagery also built a robust portion of GoWest’s online portal which gives members the ability to view past orders and to register for events by choosing an employee from an auto populated list of organization contacts, selecting event options and then paying for multiple products within a single order.
  • Marketing AutomationGoWest was utilizing an antiquated and difficult to use email campaign system that had very limited capabilities. Data Imagery installed Active Campaign as a more robust marketing automation system and built an integration with Salesforce so that data is shared in a bi-directional way.  When contact custom field information changes in Active Campaign or in Salesforce, this data is synced in both systems, which gives GoWest‘s communications department full control over segmenting lists and creating automations based on data in Salesforce.  
  • Website Integration. Data Imagery created various WordPress integration points with Salesforce. This integration simplifies the member login process by providing a single sign-on to both WordPress and Salesforce. Once logged in, members have access to credit union organization data, event registrations and organization committee information.
  • Engagement Dashboard. We built a custom integration to extract data into a data warehouse and transform it so that can be loaded into a beautiful engagement metrics. This dashboard supports complex queries to combined data from various data sources (even outside Salesforce) to be displayed in elegant horizontal gauges that provide up-to-date member engagement statistics across various GoWest key metrics