Project Failure Technics

I’ve personally been fascinated with the study of why some projects come in on time and on budget and why some seem to delay for ever.  I’ll be honest… I’ve been involved in both!   Over the years of both success and failures in technology projects, I’ve come to believe that there is a right way and a wrong way to manage the building of software applications.  Here is a list of sure fire ways to cause a project to fail:

1.  Be Prideful.  Think of yourself as the one with the answers.  This applies to both business people and technology people.  Try to involve as few people in the process as possible.

2.  Don’t ask questions.  Since you already know what the end product should be and how it should function, you really don’t need to ask for feedback or have people actually try out the software.

3.  Stay Cutting Edge.  You don’t want to have a project that is “So Yesterday”.  Be sure you change your requirements and technologies to stay with what is hot.  After all, what good is something that works if it isn’t “hip”.


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