Your Website Is Still the Most Important Part of Digital Marketing Strategy

One day in 1984, my dad and I used our Apple IIe login to a bulletin board. It was just text and there were only discussions going on around various topics. He said, someday people are going to buy products this way. I was amazed. 10 years later in my universities computer lab, I remember using a web browser for the first time. I knew immediately that the internet was going to change the world and I wanted to be a part of it. At the time, building websites was a crazy new thing. After college I started a company building websites, but it was a slow moving sales process trying to convince local businesses to put their brochure online.

Fast forward 25 years later and the internet is at the center of much of our work and social activity. We consume most of our news online and there are social networks that connect half the planet. And there are incredible software programs that give businesses the power to automate many aspects of their operations that even just a decade earlier would have seemed impossible. 

“Everything has changed but nothing has changed.”
― Mark Hamill

There has been an incredible amount of social and technological impact that has happened since the advent of a publically accessible internet in 1994. Everything has changed. Everything? 25 years ago, the tactic was to try to drive traffic to a company’s web page. Do you know what the tactic is today? Drive as much traffic to your web page as possible!

The lesson for marketers and business owners is to continue to use all sorts of tools like internet searches, social posts, even traditional offline ads. But what is the action that we want viewers to take from these mediums? We still want them to do to our website. 

For virtually every company I know, the goal of marketing is to increase revenue. To increase revenue, you need to make a sale. For both product and service companies, the way you make a sale is to get the person to your website.

After decades of crazy technological advancement, companies still need to have a place for customers to land in order to learn more. Your website still needs to be the center of all your digital marketing efforts.

The question for you is whether or not you have a good website for prospects to land on.