Defining the Process – You Can’t Outsource It

This post is a part of a series to help you define processes in your business

In order to grow your business, you have to implement processes. These processes make sure your company can run without you. They allow you to scale. While we all want to scale our business, the reality is that implementing processes is a battle. This is especially true for entrepreneurs like you.

Why? Because you are a go-getter. You are moving fast and thinking about the future. You are focused on sales and growing the business. You are making plays. While these attributes are wonderful and are needed to lead a business, these skillsets do have negative consequences. One of them is that they cause you to spend too much time on future, high-level strategic thinking, and not enough time on tactical thinking. You have a tendency to just want to hire someone to create the process needed to grow the business. But I would argue that you can’t outsource this role until your business has already achieved significant scale. When you aren’t spending enough time on the details of creating business processes, there are consequences that hinder your ability to grow.

I’m not trying to say that your operations person can’t handle some of this tactical organization. It’s just that you need to take an active role in overseeing this responsibility. The reason is that the best tactical thinking has to be in the context of strategic thinking. And as the owner, you are the chief strategist.

So, make the decision right now. You are not just the owner of the business, you are the owner of your business processes. Don’t blame someone else, take on the responsibility now for creating and overseeing the creation of systems that will allow you to scale.

Trust me, once you decide this is your role, everything I’m going to say next will come easier.

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