Logic Staffing

Logic Staffing is a fast growing Puget Sound employment agency with an expanding client list of some of the largest companies in the northwest.  They came to us with an old flash based site and wanted a fresh design and a new technology platform to manage their content.  A part of the challenge with the site was to create a design that targeted their very different types customers: clients and employees.  Clients are companies that want to know what kind of services Logic Staffing can provide.  Employees are the staffing workers that they hire out to clients and want to know about benefits and open positions.  We designed the site to provide easy access to different information depending on what type of customer you are.   Along with a new design for the web, we built the site to be mobile and tablet friendly.

Visit the site at http://logicstaffing.net


  • Front page design with different call to action points based on the type of customer
  • Custom theme built in WordPress for content management
  • Job posting widget integration
  • Mobile and tablet friendly
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