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MAPS Business Coaching is continually adding new coaches on a monthly basis. These coaches need a turnkey solution to create a website that helps them generate leads and then a marketing automation system to help them follow up on those leads.  



Data Imagery has three marketing packages that will be available to coaches depending on their needs.  

Website Design.  We will work with MAPS Business Coaching to setup 3 site templates with pre-approved content for the home page and services pages.  The coach would then be responsible for providing their own personal image, personal bio content and any additional content they would like on the site.  Data Imagery will setup, host and support the website charging the coach directly each month based on package they sign up for. Data Imagery will audit each site regularly to make sure content and communications generally stay within the pre-approved content definition provided by MAPS Business Coaching.

Marketing Automation.  We will setup Active Campaign and integrate this service into their website for lead tracking and followup.  As a part of this package we will design their email template for email list broadcasts, setup their CRM deal flow process and we will create up to 5 marketing automations based on their customer journey requirements.  

Social Marketing.  Once coaches have a website that is setup to facilitate lead flow and a marketing automation system that is ensuring proper followup, then the coach can opt to increase their budget to include our social marketing package.  The customer defines their monthly budget and we work with them to create social ads on Facebook and Instagram. The leads from these campaigns are then tracked in a monthly marketing performance report for the coach to review and refine their marketing budget.



The following items will need to be completed in order to promote this service to MAPS Business Coaching associates:
WEEK ONE – Image and logo assets provided by MAPS Business Coaching
WEEK TWO – “About” and “Services” content for coach’s websites provided by MAPS Business Coaching
WEEK THREE – Data Imagery will integrate content, logos and assets into three starting templates
WEEK FOUR – MAPS Business Coaching to promote service to coaches
Following is our sample landing page that we will use for your MAPS Business Coaches to signup:


digital marketing SErVICES


Being a coach can be difficult.  It is stressful balancing existing clients while reaching out to potential new clients.  You need a simple way to create new content for your website without having to be the technical person managing the site.  Then once a new lead comes in, you need a system to follow up with them to ensure they remain warm and convert to a client.  You need a partner to alleviate some of this head-ache so that you can focus on growing your business.   We would love to be that partner. 

Our focus is providing digital marketing tools that can grow your coaching business without requiring you to spend a bunch of time managing technology.  We have a simple process that starts with creating your website, then establishes a marketing automation system for follow-up and finally helps you increase your lead flow with social media marketing on Facebook and Instagram.

Website Design

Start with a well designed website that is focused on simple calls to action for you to capture new leads. 

Marketing Automation

Setup marketing automation to follow-up with these leads and prompt you when it is time to make a personal touch

Social Marketing

Once you have your system setup, increase lead flow with social media marketing on Facebook and Instagram.

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Website Design and Support

A Website That Grows Your Coaching Business

You really don’t need to pay a bunch of money to high priced designers to grow your business through your website.  What you need is a designer that guides you into clarity by helping you define your customer and crafting a message that speaks to their pain point.  This message then needs to lead to a clear and compelling offer.  It is amazing how many designers miss this simple point and it is so important.  Your website is one big offer.  If you see your website as anything but that, then you are missing a huge opportunity.

  • Website Design
  • Lead Forms
  • Free Hosting
  • Free Content Updates

$75 / month

marketing Automation Services

Email Marketing, Customer Journey Mapping and Sales CRM

Once we have your messaging clear on your website, then we need to make sure we have a system for followup.  We sit down with you and plan out what follow up steps you would like to take once a new lead comes in.  This includes both automated email drip campaigns as well as reminders for you to follow up in person when a lead is hot.  We provide all the tools you need to make meaningful connections and grow your coaching business.

Website Design and Support Plus:

  • Email Template Design
  • CRM & Deal Flow Setup
  • Customer Journey Automation
  • Website Lead Tracking

$150 / month

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Search Engine Marketing

Ramp up your lead generation with Facebook and Google ads

Once you have a lead capture mechanism setup on your website and you have customer journeys defined in your marketing automation system, then we can ramp up new leads through targeted  audiences on Facebook.   We start to utilize the data collected from your initial customers which helps Facebook target similar customers that might be interested in your services.  This focused approach keeps your budget down and maximizes your conversion rates.

Marketing Automation Plus:

  • Audience Definition
  • Ad Creation
  • Marketing Analytics
  • Lead conversion tracking

$300 / month

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