Plimpton Movie

We recently launched the New Plimpton Movie website. The design of the site was created by our partner, BCRA. The goal of the site was not only to provide information about the upcoming Plimpton Documentary, but also to present the many articles the producers of the movie have put together about George Plimpton. The site features custom jquery sliders based on posts in WordPress. There is also a book section of the site called New Journal that pulls posts from book categories and displays them in a friendly way on the site. One of the fun things about our job is how well we get to know our clients and our client’s business. I must admit I knew little about George Plimpton before this site, but I know a whole lot more about this amazing man. Find out more yourself at

Key Features:

  • CMS built in WordPress
  • Custom front page animations dynamically pulling content from posts
  • Custom book pages dynamically pulling article content by book categories
  • Customized twitter feed
  • Image gallery
  • Password protected industry page
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