Digital marketing is a key aspect of most growth plans for businesses these days.  However, investing in online ads or in search engine optimization is a scary idea for most business owners because there is no guarantee of results and there isn’t good metrics being tracked to even know if the money you are spending is actually providing a return. Our recommendation for most businesses looking to gain qualified leads is to start with pay per click advertising (PPC).  The reason is that we can easily specify the campaign budget ahead of time, we can easily track the results of the campaign and we  can quickly make changes based on analysis of results to improve the return on your ad spent.

Campaign Creation

Many agencies start a PPC campaign with an ad. This approach doesn’t take into account the whole journey a visitor will take from initial ad response to lead form and ultimately to a purchase. Each of these steps needs focused and creative effort to turn a click into a customer. The process starts with defining your target customer persona and understanding their demographic details and the keyword phrases they would use to find you. We then utilize the knowledge we have gained from the persona to create your social or search ad. We start out with a small ad spend for the first month to test the ad copy and language. Then over time we tweak and change these ads based on the knowledge we have learned. When we start to see higher click throughs and conversion rates, we then will work with you to increase the ad budget. This process works for both small and large ad campaigns and leads to results.

Key Metric – CPC (Cost per Click)

Conversion Tracking

You can pay designers to create landing pages or you can pay landing page hosting companies to host pages, but these options are expensive and not flexible. We build landing pages right within your WordPress website and we know the types of landing pages that convert. We know It makes no sense to be investing dollars in ads to generate leads if you do not have the tools setup to properly track performance. We are not your traditional agency with a lot of design focus and little technical knowledge. We are technologists with extensive experience programming and web development. The result is a system that learns and grows and that provides us the correct data that we need to maintain the best overall return on ad spend possible. We get these analytics through our extensive knowledge of Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics. These tools give us incredible visibility to learn how to best target your potential customer and covert them into leads.

Key Metric – CR (Conversion Rate)

Monthly Reporting

Weekly we compile data from the ads and conversions in our monthly report.  We then meet with you to discuss the performance of the ads and what needs to be done next month.  This cadence is key to giving you the visibility you need into the effectiveness of your advertising dollars.  But more than that there is a mutual accountability that takes place in these meetings.  For our partnership to succeed we must work together to gain better understanding on who your customer is and how we can communicate with them in order to create ads and landing pages that resonate.   Based on action steps created in our monthly meeting we then have take aways to implement in order to increase our effectiveness.  There really has never been an automated way to do all this.  It takes real marketing consultants to connect to real customers.

Key Metric – ROAS (Return on Ad Spend)



  • Keyword Research

    We analyze the keywords potential customers are using to find your competitors

  • Ad Campaign Design

    Designing, setting up and launching your campaigns

  • Conversion Tracking

    Tracking when a click from an ad comes to your site and then when that click converts to a lead and ultimately to a customer

  • Marketing Analysis

    We look at your ad campaigns regularly and meet with you monthly to evaluate effectiveness

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