People ask why we charge so much for website hosting.

Our answer is that we provide website hosting for free. What we charge for is the support to make sure your site works great. When you have your site hosted with a third-party company like Bluehost or Godaddy, they just make sure the server is running. When you need help with a security problem or even need help updating design elements, they can't help you. This is where you need a web design partner like Data Imagery to actually provide support services that keep one of your most valuable assets working to its full potential.

A FIRST Impression

Your website is the first impression many new customers see of your company. And as they say, you only have one chance to make a first impression. If you want to grow your business by attracting new customers, your website is a critical part of the process. It’s like a full time sales person that never sleeps and doesn’t need to be managed. Well, it needs just a little bit of management, which is where we come in.

How We Can Help

We support over 100 websites for clients. The process of keeping a site updated and current is no small task. On a monthly basis we make content updates, check on if your backed up is working correctly, speed test to make sure things are loading quickly, monitor for security vulnerabilities, perform WordPress updates and plugin upgrades, and watch your server to make sure it is running well. When you think about all these services plus free hosting, you can see the value right away in what we provide.

Our Services

Your website is just the start of building and growing a business. We have a family of digital marketing services that starts with with web design, then establishes a marketing automation system for follow-up and finally helps you increase your lead flow with social media marketing on Facebook and Instagram and Google. Finally, for certain customers it even makes sense to set your site up to be e-commerce enabled.​


Start with a well designed website that is focused on simple calls to action for you to capture new leads. 

Marketing Automation

Setup marketing automation to follow-up with these leads and prompt you when it is time to make a personal touch


Once you have your system setup, increase lead flow with social media marketing on Facebook and Instagram.

E-commerce & Subscriptions

Make it simple for people to purchase products or signup for services and then automatically bill them monthly.

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Website Design

A Website That Grows Your Coaching Business

You really don’t need to pay a bunch of money to high priced designers to grow your business through your website.  What you need is a designer that guides you into clarity by helping you define your customer and crafting a message that speaks to their pain point.  This message then needs to lead to a clear and compelling offer.  It is amazing how many designers miss this simple point and it is so important.  Your website is one big offer.  If you see your website as anything but that, then you are missing a huge opportunity.

  • Website Design
  • Lead Forms
  • Free Hosting
  • Free Content Updates

$75 / month

marketing Automation

Email Marketing, Customer Journey Mapping and Sales CRM

Once we have your messaging clear on your website, then we need to make sure we have a system for followup.  We sit down with you and plan out what follow up steps you would like to take once a new lead comes in.  This includes both automated email drip campaigns as well as reminders for you to follow up in person when a lead is hot.  We provide all the tools you need to make meaningful connections and grow your coaching business.

  • Email Template Design
  • Customer Journey Setup
  • CRM & Deal Flow Setup
  • Website Tracking

$150 / month

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Social media Marketing

Ramp up your lead generation with social ads

Once you have a lead capture mechanism setup on your website and you have customer journeys defined in your marketing automation system, then we can ramp up new leads through targeted  audiences on Facebook.   We start to utilize the data collected from your initial customers which helps Facebook target similar customers that might be interested in your services.  This focused approach keeps your budget down and maximizes your conversion rates.

  • Ad Creation
  • Audience Definition
  • Marketing Analytics
  • Lead conversion tracking

$300 / month


Automatically bill your clients and let them easily pay online

Creating and sending invoices can be a time consuming task.  We take the headache out of billing by making it automatic.  The time you save on creating invoices and the endless process of collecting payments makes the small percentage for credit card fees a worthwhile investment to allow your clients to pay online.

  • Shopping Cart
  • Automated Recurring Billing
  • Low 2.6% Credit Card Rates
  • CRM Integration

$25 / month

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