Most organizations don’t have full time staff that can build a new website or support their existing site.  What many need is a trusted long-term partner that understands their industry, understands marketing, and understands technology.  

Here is the good news…we can help!  We’ve been building websites for people like you for decades.  We love what we do and we would love to help design a world class website for you. 


We are a team of WordPress experts based in the US

I’ve been building and supporting websites since 1995 (that’s basically the start of the internet).  I started Data Imagery in 2005, and we continue to grow with the help of an amazing team of designers and developers. I would love the opportunity to help you grow the impact of your organization through better digital marketing. The next step is to get a time on my calendar to schedule a free 30 minute website consultation.  I’ll give you a bunch of tips on things you can do to improve your site and if you are interested, we can talk about if it is a good fit to work together.
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We start by helping you define your target constituents and their motivations for action. Then we work with you to update your marketing message so that it resonates and leads to action.


Your website isn't just a brochure. It is a dynamic entity that should be intelligent in helping to build a relationship with people. In order for your marketing efforts to do this well, we need to define your ideal customer journey that leads them from initial contact to advocate.


Once we know your vision for impact, the next step is to define the metrics of how we track success in reaching your engagement goals. This data is critical in making sure we have the knowledge and feedback to improve your website over time.


Based the information we gathered in the first three steps, we create a wireframe mockup design of your site. This gives us a good idea where key pieces of information will be located and also where specific calls to action will be placed to better engage visitors.


Once the lo-fi (wireframe) mockup is approved, we create a hi-fi (high fidelity) full color design of your site. We will work with you to refine this design to arrive at a final mockup that we will use to build out the site.


Most likely you have content on your current website and also scattered amongst various marketing materials. We work with you to combine and update your content that will be used on your new website.


Based on the hi-fi design mockup and the content documents, we are now ready to build your site. We build our sites utilizing a custom theme built for you in WordPress. This theme will be powerful enough to allow for easy content updates while being light enough to keep your website loading fast.


We are now at a stage where everything has been built out and we are needing some staff and beta visitors to try out the site and provide feedback. Additionally, in this step we do cross browser testing to make sure the site will look good on all types of devices.


The site is now ready to launch! We will create a go live plan and work with your team to decide on when to make your new site live. As a part of this step, we also perform SEO updates and 301 redirects to ensure that any existing search engine value is carried into the new site.


If you have a WordPress website, but don’t have a long-term partner to support your ongoing technical or design needs, we can help.  Our company works with over 100 organizations on an annual retainer contract to be available to support your website.  Following are the services we provide:

Content Updates

In theory you or your staff can do the content updates to your site.  WordPress makes this easy.  The problem is when you need something posted right away and you have a huge list of things that need to get done.  Why not just forward the request on to our team.  We will get it done within 24 hours.

Marketing Design 

Need a graphic or landing page built?  We can help with that.  Our team has design expertise to make sure your website looks good and continues to stay relevant to visitors.  

Security Monitoring

While WordPress is incredibly secure, there are times when any website can be vulnerable.  You think your website is secure until you get a call from one of your clients about something strange happening on your site.  We setup the proper monitoring tools on your site and if there is an issue we fix it right away.

WordPress core upgrades

Every year or so WordPress comes out with a pretty major upgrade.  WordPress by default doesn’t auto upgrade these new versions because there can be problems.  You need a web developer that is familiar with the new version and that can help if the upgrade causes problems.

Plugin Updates

Outdated plugins on a site is the major cause of bugs and security vulnerabilities.  Many times, performing a plugin update is seamless and easy, but there are times when a new version can crash your site or cause big problems.  We login to your site each month to perform plugin updates and then monitor to make sure there weren’t any issues with the upgrade.

Free WordPress Hosting

There are good hosts and bad hosts.  We utilize the latest cloud container technologies that isolates your website from any other site traffic providing you a secure platform to serve your pages.  That sounds like a bunch of techno mumbo-jumbo, but the point is that we set you up with your own server environment that is fast and secure.

Free Security Certificate

Google is now penalizing sites that don’t have proper SSL certificate setup.  Even if you do a have certificate it might not be installed in correctly.  When you host with us, we provide the SSL certificate and manage it so that is it current and up to date